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January 21st, 2017 by strose99

Why You Should Use Facebook

If you have not signed up with Facebook, I encourage you to do so, for the simple reason it is a powerful way to get traffic to your website. When you sign up, you will create a profile. Once the profile has been thoroughly filled out, you can begin adding people as friends and send them messages.

If you have been on Twitter, you will find that on Facebook, a user’s profile is more pronounced. You can add more stuff. The biggest factor for Facebook has been security. Their main concern was making sure what you provided on their website can be hidden from those you do not want to see it. So Facebook has taken great strides to tighten security. So now they have rules established to change the way security is handled. It makes for a safer and cleaner environment.

Once you have signed up and created your profile, you can join groups, networks, and create pages in order to advertise yourself or your business.

I remember hearing a friend of mine tell me he signed up to use Facebook, filled out his profile, and included the link to his product.  About a month later he noticed sales of his product took off dramatically.

No matter who you are, if you have a product you want to sell, and have built a website for it, you can get traffic to your site. And the more traffic you get, the greater the chance of you selling your product.

It is just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome. There have been a number of people, who went against the odds or the negativity of what people said, started a website, placed a product on there, and went about using social media, especially Facebook to advertise. They ended up making millions of dollars for their efforts.

There are many cases of people who started businesses and used Facebook to make a ton of money with their product. If you do not have a product of your own, you can still make a ton of money. Simply promote someone else’s product. Just point everything to the owner’s website instead of your own. You may have to set up some kind of code to get credit for the sale. Ask the vendor for help with this. He should be able to help you with coding. Or he may simply give you a link or picture to use.







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